I am a self-motivated individual whose purpose is to serve and develop this world. To accomplish this, in the short term I use my skills to solve problems for people around me, as well as share happiness through the use of art and kindness. In the long term, I contribute to the sustenance and development of systems that enable people to find hope in life.


Indie Game Developer

February 2018 - Present

My current focus is to create a game that provides a means to developing progamming and digital art skills.

  • Development of a 2.5D game using Rust and the Amethyst Engine.
  • End-to-end automation for building and publishing a game across Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Data organization using the Specs ECS library.
  • Game design that encourages and supports youth and young adults to develop skills in IT and digital art.

Software Developer

January 2012 - January 2018
Orion Health

In this role, I worked across different aspects of a software business. These include:

  • Development of server side applications in Java using the Equinox framework.
  • Advocate of software best practices that promote quality: clean code, test driven development, automation.
  • Deployment automation and configuration management of distributed systems onto AWS infrastructure using Puppet.
  • Support, investigation, and resolution of system failures.

Research Assistant

November 2009 - February 2010
The University of Auckland

During this internship, I developed a plugin for the Eclipse IDE to calculate class inheritance metrics to aid empirical analysis of code quality.


Outside of working, I enjoy a range of activities that practice different skill sets.

Card-making - Personalised cards to encourage and show appreciation to people.
Piano - Slowly self-learning to play the piano since December 2014.
Japanese - Each week I spend 4 to 5 hours on Japanese self-study.
Ultimate - A team sport similar to netball, but with a frisbee.
Running - I run 13 to 18 km, three times a week, and have completed four marathons.

Skills & Proficiency

Clean code

Deployment Automation

Server Administration

Support & Investigation