I am a purpose driven individual, focused on serving people by meeting their needs and supporting their growth. In the short term, this is to solve problems and provide understanding with patience and kindness. In the long term, I contribute to the sustenance and development of systems that enable people to learn and improve independently.


Automation Framework Developer

Framework to create empathetic and forgiving software automation.

  • Designed to address frustration of automation maintainers, SREs, customer support staff.
  • Empathetic by presenting relevant information understandably.
  • Shapes automation to be forgiving of erroneous input of both action and data.
  • Guides development correctness with compile time guarantees.

Senior Software Engineer

Orion Health
SEP 2021 - DEC 2022

Engineering role spanning product and infrastructure design, implementation, and management.

  • Architecture and implementation of managed infrastructure — AWS CFN, Java, internal tooling
  • Troubleshoot and resolve production system issues — AWS, Java, Linux system admin
  • Software design and development of clinician and patient facing web application — AWS, Java
  • Communicate across teams to resolve issues and deliver value collaboratively.
  • Teach design principles to improve understandability and reduce total cost of ownership.

DevOps Engineer

JUN 2020 - AUG 2021

Developer / operations role to manage enterprise systems for customers.

  • Design and develop robust improvements to software deployment automation tooling — AWS CFN, C#, ruby
  • Optimize manual processes through tactical automation — Rust, Nushell
  • Troubleshoot and resolve production system issues — MySQL
  • Analyze incident root causes and provide software support to prevent reoccurrences
  • Mentor peers in software best practices.

Indie Game Developer

FEB 2018 - MAY 2020

Passion project to develop a game using Rust that is simple for youths to configure to spark their interest in digital skills.

  • Development of a 2.5D game for major OSes and the web through WASM.
  • Design text-based configuration to be intuitive.
  • Design and implementation of a test framework for the Amethyst game engine.
  • Management of a project to add WASM support to the Amethyst game engine.

I actively participated in the local Rust meetup by presenting talks on different software principles at beginner and intermediate levels.

Senior Software Engineer

Orion Health
NOV 2016 - JAN 2018

Infrastructure and process automation, workflow optimization.

  • Access management automation — LDAP, AWS IAM, Lambda.
  • Network and infrastructure provisioning — Capistrano, AWS CFN, VPC.
  • Support contact for European offices.

Intermediate Software Engineer

Orion Health
APR 2014 - NOV 2016

Deployment automation and configuration management.

  • Adapt web applications to be suited for automation.
  • Server provisioning automation — OpenStack, AWS EC2.
  • Orchestrat software installation and configuration — Puppet, REST.
  • Support and training for internal staff to use automated tooling.

Junior Software Engineer

Orion Health
JAN 2012 - APR 2014

Server side web application development.

  • Business logic development and testing — Java, JUnit.
  • Database schema definition — Oracle, MS SQL.
  • Runtime dependency management — Equinox, OSGi.


Peace Zero Stress Automation
Will Configurable 2.5D action / adventure game.
FEB 2018 - JUN 2020
Bug Reducing Patterns Talk on design patterns to reduce bugs at compile time.
MAR 2022
Ops UX Talk on robust, efficient automation with good user experience.
FEB 2021
proc_macro_roids Support library for writing procedural macros
MAR 2019

Domains & Technologies

AWS EC2, VPC, CFN, IAM, SES, Lambda, CloudWatch
Processes Jira, Bamboo, Confluence, Gitlab
Languages Rust, Java, Bash, Ruby, C#
Deployment Puppet, Capistrano
Tools strace, sar, tcpdump
Communication User Documentation, Technical Training, Coaching, Demos