Ready? Go

Hiya, it’s Azriel.

I enjoy creating things, whether it’s writing programs or making cards. I have always wanted to make a game, especially since I discovered and learnt how to modify Little Fighter 2. This was one of my favourite high school pastimes. In February 2018, I began to work on this full time.

The working title of the game is Will — as in willpower. It is intended to be a moddable action adventure 2.5D side-scroller. The rest of this post shows you what it will look like.


There are 3 ways players will be able to participate:

  • Play: Play the game.
  • Create: Create your own character, weapon, or stage.
  • Socialize: Link with other players, share your creations, post replays, and join events.


The following shows what the gameplay will be like:

Multiple characters can be present on the same map, which focuses on the players’ character area. The characters are able to move along the X and Y axes, and also up/down the Z axis..

Players control characters in real-time, instead of turn-based combat.

A story mode lets players learn the different personalities of each character, and how they came to be.


In addition to playing the game, players will be able to add their own creations to the game. The possibilities include spriting, scripting, and (static) AI scripting:


  • Link with other players

    Will is intended to be a multiplayer game, both on the same computer, as well as over a local network or the internet.

  • Share your creations

    Players will be able to share the characters, weapons, and stages they have created.

  • Post replays

    Games will be recorded and replays will be able to be shared and watched.

  • Join events

    The following event types are planned to encourage interaction between players:

    • VS mode tournaments
    • Spriting competitions
    • AI vs AI tournaments