That Looks Good On UI

📋 “I like the menu.” “Because it lets you choose?” 🥺 “No, because it’s pretty.” This update lays the foundation for better user interfaces (UIs) and menus. What’s new: Animated menus and backgrounds can be defined. Player names can be specified in controller configuration. [Read More]


👁️ Eyes on me. Let’s go. This update contains many improvements to game play and configuration. What’s new: Camera moves to track players, whilst staying within map bounds. Play sounds from object configuration. Spawn any kind of object, on any sequence. [Read More]

Charging Up

🔋 We’re in for a long ride. Make sure you’re charged up. In this update, characters can now charge up by holding the Attack button: Behind the scenes, (most) sequence transitions based on control input have been made configurable. [Read More]

This Is Lit

Don’t play with fire 🔥 This update adds support for spawning energy objects: That is the only apparent change; other significant changes include: Rendering has changed from OpenGL to Vulkan. Early support for teams. Object deletion at the end of a sequence. [Read More]

Into The Wild

⚙️ An automation engineer writes a game 👾 🎮 Nobody plays it. PSA: This update is the first with a public download. Currently it’s pay what you want – there is minimal content, but this will grow over the year. I have also begun a Patreon. [Read More]