That Looks Good On UI

📋 “I like the menu.” “Because it lets you choose?” đŸĨē “No, because it’s pretty.” This update lays the foundation for better user interfaces (UIs) and menus. What’s new: Animated menus and backgrounds can be defined. Player names can be specified in controller configuration. [Read More]

Dev Time Optimization -- Part 1 (1.9x speedup, 65% less disk usage)

Summary In a 45k LOC / 102-crate workspace, moving tests from member crates into a single workspace_tests crate achieved the following improvements: Build and test duration in release mode reduced from 23 minutes to 13 minutes . Debug artifact disk usage reduced from 20 G to 7 G (65% reduction, fresh build), or 230 G to 50 G (78% reduction, ongoing development) Background The rate of software development is affected by many limits. [Read More]


👁ī¸ Eyes on me. Let’s go. This update contains many improvements to game play and configuration. What’s new: Camera moves to track players, whilst staying within map bounds. Play sounds from object configuration. Spawn any kind of object, on any sequence. [Read More]

Charging Up

🔋 We’re in for a long ride. Make sure you’re charged up. In this update, characters can now charge up by holding the Attack button: Behind the scenes, (most) sequence transitions based on control input have been made configurable. [Read More]

This Is Lit

Don’t play with fire đŸ”Ĩ This update adds support for spawning energy objects: That is the only apparent change; other significant changes include: Rendering has changed from OpenGL to Vulkan. Early support for teams. Object deletion at the end of a sequence. [Read More]

Into The Wild

⚙ī¸ An automation engineer writes a game 👾 🎮 Nobody plays it. PSA: This update is the first with a public download. Currently it’s pay what you want – there is minimal content, but this will grow over the year. I have also begun a Patreon. [Read More]


💟 I can see my life… or, what’s left of it anyway This update brings additional movement sequences, HP bars, and improvements to the underlying engine. Let’s take a look: Whoa what. It almost looks playable 🕹ī¸1. We’ll go through the updates in the sections below. [Read More]


How many tests can you do? 📜 All of them. Throwback to Again, when automated commands first appeared. In this update, asset loading has been rewritten to enable hot-reloads – reloading assets without having to restart the game. In addition, collision tests are partially automated – text input can now be used to emulate control buttons. [Read More]

As If Nothing Ever Happened

Sometimes you build things, other times you break them. Often you must do both. When building a new feature, oftentimes you try to fit it in with the existing pieces. However, sometimes the pieces don’t connect together. That’s when the code has to be broken apart, rearranged, and put back together in a way that accomodates everything that was, and that which will be. [Read More]


Response to the call for Rust 2019 Roadmap blog posts Things I would like prioritized in the 2019 roadmap. Reduced Compilation Times Refined Tools Reduced Compilation Times This is echoed in many existing 2019 blog posts, so instead of detailing the pain, here is a list of the relief / joy this would bring: [Read More]